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Welcome to join me in singing the newly created LightSongs, songs of the new paradigm.
A LightSong is quite long, giving us time to learn it while it is sung and to sink into its energy, the melodies are simple and easy to learn, the Pleiadian words opens up the voice, so the sound and energy can flow effortlessly. They are peaceful, playful, powerful, joyful. During our time together we will dive into the core of the voice, play with it, connect it to the heart, experience how focus and conscious intention moves the sound, ...and sing beautiful LightSongs together.

with love Malou, 2016


MALOU & THE JAZPELS' catchy, irresistible music brew 'Gospel & All That Jazz' mixes old gospel classics, loved rot jazz tunes and a combination of both in a delightful musical rejoicing. Along with your running, we put the whole room rocking.

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I think that for the most part is pretty boring to write playlists. To determine in advance the order of each song, instead of just improvising and performing them in the order that comes naturally, depending on the mood and energy during the concert. Most often, it really doesn't matter, however you decide to do it will be just as good.

Or you can do it like the Jazpels do: we determine the first and last song. Then we write down the titles of all of the other songs on pieces of paper, fold them up and put them in a bowl. Then the audience can decide which song will be coming next. It's great fun for us and it also often results in unexpected song combinations.

'Dein schöner Song (ION KANTEH – i love this musik)) bereichert noch immer meine Slideshow. Danke dir!'
               - Ralf Andreas Friedrich Wegerich