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JULSKIVA!! Förboka ditt signerade ex av RESTFUL 💝

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The Master mix of my upcoming album RESTFUL just arrived. What a joy. ❤️ Yay!!! #pleiadian #peace #healing #restful #malouberg #SongsInTheSpiritOfChristmas #restfulsongs

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Jag blir såå berörd av den färdiga mixen av Anowa. När jubelpartiet brakar lös med sin oemotståndliga energi och kraft, imploderar mitt hjärta och tårarna bara rinner. 😍❤️ ojojoj 💝
I am so deeply touched by the final mix of ANOWA. The moment the euphoric part of the song explodes with all that unresistable energy and power, my heart implodes with so much joy, making the tears roll. Wow! I am truly blessed. ❤️

Lasse Nilsson at Nilento Studios,
You are amazing. what a fabolous piece of art. 🙏🏻 I am so grateful 👍❤️😍🎶

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Going to a retreat is such a good investment in my Self, my wellbeing, my creativity, my Life. After one week I am renewed, returning to balance. Joyful. 😍 And synchronicities occur, often when I expect them the least. And they are the best ones. 💝 #lifeisgood #joy #greatfull #sedonamethod #haledwoskin

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Back at Snäcksjön. 💝 We've gone full circle so to speak. At Snäcksjön we recorded the HOYA-percussion with Kristina Aspeqvist. HOYA, the first album in the Pleiadian Suite. 16 years later..(time flies, doesn't it?) is Lasse Nilsson from Nilento Studio here again, to record some vocal addons on a couple of songs from the LightSongs albums

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