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Malous favoriter ❤ SELAM SELAMO

Malous Favoriter – Unity


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Malous Favourites <3 Here is another favourite of mine, SELAM SELAMO, from the album AmaOna. This song moves me every time I listen to it. Reminding me that, however I might feel at the moment, Peace is All There Is. At times when I am heart broken, when all the colours is faded, when I have just forgotten about how joyous Life really is, this song sings to my soul.. this too shall pass. All Is Well. <3 You can listen to the whole song on ❤

Malous Favoriter <3 Jag har ett starkt band till alla mina sånger, men så finns det några sånger som berör mig mer än andra. Som slår an en ton djupt inne i mig. Och SELAM SELAMO, från albumet AmaOna, är en av dem. En sång att lyssna på när Livet känns brutet, glädjen verkar långt borta, livets färger är grådaskiga. Selam Selamo påminner mig om att allt är väl, oavsett hur det känns precis just nu. <3 Du kan höra hela sången på ❤

Creating the Sacred Circle equals being centered, balanced, joyful, clear, opening up the flow of music. It's a beautiful maintainance tool to be used daily. And I love it <3

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For my Swedish friends...
Nu kommer den igen. Yay!! 👍 Denna fantastiska, inspirerande och utvecklande kurs i Digital marknadsföring för indiebolag. Jag gick den förra året. Vill gå den igen..
Om du kan och har möjlighet, gå den!

Oh what a singer, what a song, what a performance. Listen to this great singer. Dimash Kudaibergen, what a voice! <3

Turning points in life❤️ Don't we all love them! ❤️ they may be challenging the moment we are facing them, but the change is for the better. Let me tell you about an experience, that became one of my turning points. ❤️
For some time I had felt a calling to visit Kauai. When I finally answered the call and went there, I booked a spiritual tour online to become familiar with this island calling me. The website also offered a session called "Whole Presence Process", a four hour long session during which I would gather all my Soul Energy, scattered in time, space and dimensions. What did that mean?? I had no clue. But I just knew that if it was possible, if she was available during my short stay on Kauai, I would do it! No doubts whatsoever. And that is how I met El Herington. The spiritual tour with her was Grand and Inspiring. But nothing could have prepared me for what I was in store for me during my Whole Presence Process with El. I was shaken, uplifted, moved, blown away and totally present. All at the same time. This four hour long Inner Journey was filled with a Majestic, Powerful Energy, Expanding and All Present. And I was part of It. Yay!!
It was a very special moment in time and a true blessing to me ❤️
P.S. And I fell in love with Kauai ❤️ It's an ongoing love story.

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