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Mountains are sacred to me. Not only do they resonate in my heart, for some reason I communicate with them, they talk to me and brings me great comfort and clarity. Being here in Sedona I revisited the Cathedral Rock and it was a connection that moved me deep in my heart. A couple of years ago when we first met, and I was singing to her the ancient Pleiadian songs, the contact was so strong, the air and the energy in the vortex surrounding her so full of unconditional love, it made me burst into tears. ❤

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Some videos are special, amazing, and they leave you with a smile or in tears. They move you. Wonderful performances.
And then there are this one. The content ❤To be watched and meditated upon and remembered every single day. ❤Peace on Earth 😍❤

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Let me present my music for you. Meet ALIGNMENT, the 4th album in the Pleiadian Suite. ALIGNMENTs theme is Ether, Healing, Meditation. ALIGNMENT was recorded in a new fashion for me. First of all, all songs are based on the ancient Solfeggio scale, or Holy scale. So the key of each song is aligned with a tibetan bowl, meaning to one of the healing frequencies. and Opening for instance, is based on 528 hz. For me the most challenging part of this recording was that we started with nothing, with no melody, no chords, no lyrics, no structure. All songs were created in the moment of recording. I was really scared of putting myself out there, with nothing and noone to hold on to. On Alignment I collaborated with the fabulous percussionist Xavier Desandre Navarre. We agreed on a title for the song that would come. Then we just waited for it to come, and followed the flow and energy of whatever would arrive. It was an amazing journey, to say the least.. Read about and listen to the ALIGNMENT songs on my website.

Låt mig få presentera min musik för dig. Möt ALIGNMENT, det 4e albumet i Plejadsviten. ALIGNMENTs tema är Eter, Healing, Meditation. ALIGNMENT spelades in på ett för mig nytt sätt. Alla sångerna är baserade på den uråldriga Solfeggio skalan, även kallad den Heliga Skalan. Tonarten på varje sång harmonierar med en tibetansk skål, till en av de helande frekvenserna i skalan. För mig var den stora utmaningen själva inspelningssättet. Vi startade med ingenting, ingen melodi, ingen text, ingen struktur. Alla sånger skapades i det ögonblick vi spelade in dem. Jag var jätterädd för att ställa mig där längst ut på grenen och inte ha någon eller någonting att hålla mig i. Vad hade jag gett mig in i?? På Alignment samarbetade jag med den fantastiske slagverkaren Xavier Desandre Navarre. Vi enades om en titel, stillade oss en stund. Inspelningen startade. Sedan väntade vi på sången som skulle komma, följde med i flödet och energin och lät den nya sången anlända på sitt eget vis, i sin egen takt. Det var en otrolig resa, minst sagt. Läs om albumet och lyssna på ALIGNMENT sångerna på min hemsida.



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