The Pleiadian Suite! With Ma Yemas FIRE all elements have their own album.

MA YEMA is the 6th album in “The Pleiadian Suite”, with songs to relax to, or get energized by, create peace and quiet, to feel good. Feel-good music ?

It began with HOYA, with the element of Earth, Body. Followed by OMINE, Heaven, Soul. The third album in what was expanding into av suite of albums: “The Pleiadian Suite” wasAMAONA, Water, Emotions. Coming next was ALIGNMENT, Ether, Intuition. BREATHE OUT, an Christmas album with songs from all the albums in new arrangements, came after that. With MA YEMA, Fire, Energy, the albums focused on the elements in “The Pleiadian Suite” is concluded. It isn’t the hot, devastating, destructive fire that we meet in MA YEMA, but the warm, embracing and life giving.

MA YEMA – Release October, 21 2016