Alignment – digital download – Part 4 of The Pleiadian Suite – english

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My digital downloads contain all the songs from the albums, mp3 format. A 12-page pdf.file with text and photos from the album cover. Information about the recording, the other albums in The Pleiadian Suite, both background and language, including photos, reviews and comments.

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– Ether, healing, meditation

UNT 29/10-2010
”WORLDMUSIC – Malou Berg, renowned in Uppland, Sweden, continues to investigate musical borderlines in her fourth album of the Pleiadian Suite. Now with songs in her own language for which she has been rewarded the Word Prize of the Swedish Word Festival (Ordfestivalens ordpris). This time Malou Berg bases her music on the tones of the ancient Solfeggio Scale and she does this in co-operation with Xavier Desandre Navarre, French percussionist and multi-instrumentalist.”

With her new album ALIGNMENT, Malou Berg continues to compose music that crosses all borders and she began the release with a triumphant concert at The Boulevard Theatre in Stockholm on September 7, 2010. Alignment is the fourth album in Malou Berg’s ground-breaking Pleiadian Suite. In 2009, she was awarded The Word Price at the annual Word-Festival in Sweden for her language in this song suite. That same year, Malou was invited to be the main feature by the South Korean annual HwaEom Spirit Music Ritual.

The music in ALIGNMENT carries the listener to new worlds that inspire, uplift and release in a magical way. A musical rainbow of vocals and sounds of crystal and Tibetan bowls, the beating of drums and soft, dancing melodies. An album that is both meditative and exciting.