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Hi and Welcome to the page about LightSongs. The LightSongs are meant to be sung together. The phrases and melodies are meditative, easy to learn, simple to sing, and repetitive. The songs are long, to give the listener enough time to get familiar with every song, relax and unwind (equally important), be able to sing along, embraced by the flow of the music. The long time is needed, the many instrumental parts as well, they give space, rest and time to reflect. Above you can listen to a couple of songs from the album.

May I suggest that, instead of scrolling through the songs, listening a moment to each one of them, you listen to one song right through?
And why not begin with Emio?

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”I have since many years the pleasure of working together with Malou as her Music Publisher.
Contact info of Malou and her songs are handled by me,
Stefan Egmar, 
at Stiggy Music & Management AB.”

former CEO of CBS Songs Scandinavia
SBK Songs Scandinavia
EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia.

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From the upcoming CD-box LIGHTSONGS  – including all LightSongs – will be released in the biginning of 2023

Wishing you a wonderful day ? Malou


If anything is not working properly on this page, or you need some more information, you’re most welcome to contact Stefan or Malou: 

Album cover LightSongs

Cover of the album Malou Berg - LightSongs 2


to open up the heart and let the voice sing freely is pure joy. att öppna upp hjärtat och släppa ut rösten är ljuvligt.
Malou at Hwa Eomsa Peace Festival in South Korea