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WELCOME to Malous Soundtracks page

Hi och welcome to the Soundtracks page with Malou Bergs music.
Here you can listen to some audio-clips from her Pleiadian Suite albums.
The short clips will give you a glimpse of the songs.
Malou uses her imaginary language in most of them,
letting the listener feel into the songs and create their own story.

P.S. When you have 10 minutes to spare, for you to get a deeper feel of Malous music,
we’ve also included ”Anowa” in full length.


As previous MD of CBS Songs, SBK Songs, EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia
and now in my own independent Music Publishing house, Stiggy Music & Management
and as always very focused on synchronization of music to film,
I am very proud and happy to work with such an exciting composer as Malou Berg.
Her music is perfect for any kind of film or TV production and we have lots of music
in this area to offer you from her back catalogue as well as from
future already recorded but so far unreleased material.
Contact info on Malou songs are handled by me
her Music Publisher!

Stefan Egmar
Stiggy Music & Management AB

If anything is not working properly on this page, or you need some more information,
you’re most welcome to contact Malou: 

Wishing you a wonderful day! / Stefan

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