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My digital downloads contain all the songs from the albums, mp3 format. A 12-page pdf.file with text and photos from the album cover. Information about the recording, the other albums in The Pleiadian Suite, both background and language, including photos, reviews and comments.

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Recycled & Remixed
BREATHE OUT consists of recycled and remixed songs from the albums of ’The Pleiadian Suite’. Not only did we remix the music, we also stripped the songs of their original arrangements and added a huge string ensemble, harp and light percussion. We kept my vocals and the choir (the choir was expanded on a couple of songs to get an even better sound) as originally recorded and the language that nobody understands is still there…

And we re-recorded one song, ’Nu faller ljuset in i mig’ (Beam of Light), an old favourite of mine which I recorded a loooong time ago, about eight albums back… oh how time flies when you are having a good time..;-).

It has been both fun and inspiring for me to work with this project. I hope that you will enjoy the music and that it will make you relax, feel good and breathe out for a while.