Lightsongs – box

The LightSong-box will be released spring 2023. Malous LightSongs will be presented in a special edition box, containing 3 CD:s. The box is first published as a special edition, CD-format only. Later on the songs will also be available to buy online or listen to at the streaming platforms. Stay tuned. More info to come..


“Wherever you go, whatever you do, whomever you see, when you are among others and when you are by yourself, I wish for you, in the midst of it all, a restful time. Peace be with you.” Malou

Ma Yema

Fire, varmth, energy MA YEMA is the 6th album in “The Pleiadian Suite”, with songs to relax to, or get energized by, create peace and quiet, to feel good. Feel-good music 🙂 It began with HOYA, with the element of Earth, Body. Followed by OMINE, Heaven, Soul. The third album in what was expanding into av suite …

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Breathe Out

Take a moments break from all your musts and have to’s Let the music soothe you give some peace and quiet Relax, cool down, let go and breathe out… Recycled & Remixed BREATHE OUT consists of recycled and remixed songs from the albums of ‘The Pleiadian Suite’. Not only did we remix the music, we …

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Ether, healing, meditation UNT 29/10-2010 : “WORLDMUSIC – Malou Berg, renowned in Uppland, Sweden, continues to investigate musical borderlines in her fourth album of the Pleiadian Suite. Now with songs in her own language for which she has been rewarded the Word Prize of the Swedish Word Festival (Ordfestivalens ordpris). This time Malou Berg bases …

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Water, movement, feelings, expressions of joy ‘AmaOna’ is the third album in ‘The Pleiadian Suite’ with Malou Berg’s unique World and New Age music. ‘AmaOna’ features songs in Malou Berg’s own imaginary Pleiadian language mixed with poetic English lyrics by Swedish lyricist Susanne Wigforss. The music has its roots in the ancient and also suggests …

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“I am a temporary visitor During my stay on earth I reside in a human body It is a little slow, but quite useful For a short period of time Until I’m finished here And will return home To that grand Universe Omine!” – Heaven, soul, meditation, inspiration, peace and inward energy ‘OMINE’ has a …

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HOYA – EARTH, soil, body, origin, Energy of youth After eons of time Life descended upon and made fertile this tiny sphere we call Earth Earth gave birth to life in many forms A myriad of species arose and vanished Then came man… HOYA is a messenger of life, joy and peace. A musical kaleidoscope …

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Berörd (Being Moved)

BERÖRD is Malou’s second gospel album. It was recorded live in Högalid Church, Stockholm. After she had released her first gospel album Nu faller ljuset in i mig at CBS, Malou wanted to follow up with a live recording. The record company did not believe in the project, so Malou self-financed the recording of Berörd …

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