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“I am a temporary visitor
During my stay on earth I reside in a human body
It is a little slow, but quite useful
For a short period of time
Until I’m finished here
And will return home
To that grand Universe

– Heaven, soul, meditation, inspiration, peace and inward energy

‘OMINE’ has a meditative undertone. It is beautiful and melodic, and yet uplifting and full of rhythm. It is joyful music with words that Malou says she has borrowed from a Pleiadian language. ‘ia Omine ama’! – Open your heart! Set your soul free! Listen! Let the music flow!


About the recording

I was longing for team-work. The recording of HOYA we had built up bit by bit, first the drums based on a click, then the choir and then we added this and then the other … everything by stages.

It was fun to try but now I wanted the songs to be the result of team-work. And, into the bargain, I wanted to include some musicians who were very close to my heart.

Lars Danielsson, who plays both stand-up bass and cello, has always been a favourite of mine. I have cooperated with him since the beginning of my gospel years (that is to say very far back!)

What I really appreciate in him is that he is always adding to the music, there is something special about his touch, in his tone and energy, his presence which always adds something extra and special.

I had heard several records with guitarist Manuel Iman and was very happy to get the opportunity to work with him. There is something about his tone, his touch, the way he plays that adds to the tune, creates space. And which goes straight to my heart.

Then we have Xavier Desandre Navarre who was totally unknown to me. Lars Danielsson recommended him. “He has great swing!” said Lasse and it turned out that Xavier both could and would participate.

And I was just standing there open-mouthed when Xavier started. “Swing” is not a proper name for what he is doing, inventive, creative, multi-musician, what a joy just to see him in action. (At that time I did not know that this was to be the beginning of a long cooperation). Apart from his producing, Bosse Westman was also to play the keyboards.

What a team! I looked forward to the recording with great enthusiasm and we arranged the tunes together. Both Lars and Xavier are fast as lightning and it was amazing how fast they got the feel of a song and entered the flow.

The first take was usually incredibly good, the second was made because of some mistake that could not be remedied. Rarely more than three takes.

However, there was one tune that refused to shape up. No matter what we did, it was unruly. At the very end we were left with one small part that had a great swing. Then I sang freely on top of that, and then enter the choirs. The result was named Triadong.

On the title tune Omine, I had the opportunity to reunite with the fabulous pianist Steve Dobrogosz and I am so happy that he is playing that particular song.

It was a fantastic recording ;-).
Malou Berg
October 8, 2010


”Thanks for a wonderful CD… I sat down in my favourite armchair and relaxed. Closed my eyes. Ended up in Africa, a settlement with huts, festival with happy people. Rhythmic, inspiring, just so fabulously wonderful!”
Berne Strandh, Radio Sölvesborg FM92

“Wonderful atmosphere. This music makes you happy. It takes guts to invent a new language. It feels exciting that you, in some way, nevertheless understand the content.”
Blossom Tainton, artist, fitness consultant, and more

“Meditative music, so beautiful… This is a comfort to the soul.”
Janne “Loffe” Carlsson, artist, musician, actor

“As a gospel artist, Malou has inspired me deeply and her new world music with her cosmic tone gives me a feeling of timeless quiet.”
Annastina Vrethammar, Annastina Vrethammar, author (of ‘Tänk dig ett bättre liv’), therapist

Comments – per E-mail:

”Now what is this? Wow, this is gooood!”
Last summer I attended the Oneness-festival at Gärdet together with a friend of mine. We were sitting on our blanket and were absentmindedly benevolent – that is to say until you started singing. Then all of a sudden we sat up saying, “Now what is this? –wow, this is good!” Furthermore, I added, “I want a record with those people! I wonder how to get hold of one?” A little later a woman passed by us, and she was selling Hoya. Talk about fast granting of requests. And how that the friend has a birthday, I happened to see an ad about Omine and realized that this was the perfect present for her. She also loved to sing herself.
Thanks a lot

Hi Malou,
I recently gave your CD Omine to a good friend here on Mallorca. This is his response: ‘Yes !!! She is so beautiful. Thank you very very much. Now I’m listening to the other music she have in her website. Spectacular!!! Actually nice.’

“Hi Malou!
Some months ago I received a CD from my friend Karin who said, “I think you are going to like this.” Without any prejudice I put the Omine CD on the player and started listening! The most wonderful and deep I have heard in a very long time (if ever)! Just wanted to tell you that when I listened to Omine and the other songs, they filled me with such nostalgia and my heart ached with loving memories that I do not remember … even though I somehow do! The word FAMILY encompasses me…!!! And so wonderful to sing along with too!!! The singing and breathing make me so calm! Very healing! (Do you need a member of your female choir? I would love to audition for you! Have always loved singing!)
Warm hugs for you
Kerstin Malmberg

Keep on singing, let the world hear your beautiful voice!
Take care!

Great music
Hi there! Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to watch your performance on TV, on the other hand I listen to your music almost every night before going to sleep and am always amazed at the harmony and the language. There is a configuration of sound in several of the songs that touch you directly. Kanawah is absolutely unique – it transports you into a state of meditation and touches you deeply every time! Two of the records I bought were presents, the first one for a woman who gives healing and support in different ways to other people. I have known her for a long time and to me it was obvious that your music can strengthen what she is doing. The second one was a gift for a woman who I believe is badly in need of weeping and of finding new strength to go on. The rest of the records are sure to end up under different Christmas trees… Quite apart from the music itself, I like the way you sing. Being an amateur singer in both choirs and rock-bands, I prick my ears a little extra when I hear the shades you create! If ever you get the idea to give lessons, I want to be the first in the queue!
Take very good care of yourself

Your music gives light!!!

Hi Malou
Omine is healing, inspiring and touch my very innermost… Have gone through a long healing process myself and am now helping others to find light, joy, peace and wholeness. Music has been a great help to me, and if you find the right one, it is simply wonderful. I immediately felt that I just had to have this record and Hoya… Wish you all joy, happiness and inspiration, for more music, more songs, you are helping so many people to find light and love through your music.
Warm hugs to you



Lars Danielsson, Sweden / Denmark: contrabass and cello
Manuel Iman, USA: guitar
Xavier Desandre Navarre, France: percussion
Bo Westman, Sweden: keyboards
Malou Berg: vocal and choir
Mija Folkesson: choir
Helen Genym: choir
Hanna Wanngård: choir
Kerstin Ryhed-Lundin: choir
Therese Andersson: choir
Steve Dobrogosz: piano (Omine)
Tobias Sjögren: additional guitar
Sten Källman: shell and bamboo sticks

Music & Lyrics: Malou Berg
Choirarrangements: Malou Berg
Producer: Bo Westman
Engineer: Lars Nilsson
Mix & Master: Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studios
Production och Publisher: MALOU MOUNTAIN MUSIC AB

Recorded in Bollmoradalens church outside of Stockholm
and in Nilento studio, Gothenburg
Coverphoto: ‘Northen Light’ by David Rinnan
Photos of Malou: Peter Engmalm
Photos from the recording: Malou Berg, Bo Westman, Gerrie Warner
Layout: Selander Design AB





Uppsala Nya Tidning, August 24, 2006
Composer and singer Malou Berg lives outside Öregrund in the municipality of Östhammar and she has won the international UK Song-writing Contest. The tune OMINE by Malou Berg won in the Miscellaneous Category where it competed with songs from all over the world…

Sundsvalls Tidning, September 10, 2005
This is an album no true music-lover can bewithout. It sings fresh like a spring brook. A little afro-inspired, a little of the northern Sámi wilderness, painfully beautiful choir voices and calm rhythms that weave harmonies into beautiful songs. Not to talk about the imaginative language… which you still understand.

…It is so lovely that this excellent singer can enrich our musical lives this way. I feel an incredible inner harmony every time I listen to the record. And thereby I think Malou has reached her goal. Sit down, relax, listen andenjoy. Let yourself be rocked intoMalou Berg’s wonderful world.
(Per-Roger Carlsson)

Eskilstuna-Kuriren, October 6, 2005
Incomprehensible but good – on my way home from work I always listen to Radio Sisu. Languorous tango and Finnish harangues. Not that I understand a word but it is a nice background of sounds to stretch my brain. That is exactly the way it is with Malou Berg´s OMINE meditation record, tunes from the Pleiadian treasure chest. Titles such as Ah Eeh and O Ayå set the lovely tone in a language all of its own. In the text on the folder, Berg writes, ”I am a temporary visitor. During my stay on earth I reside in a human body”. Sure, that may be the way it is.

During her career, Malou Berg has changed from cabaret artist to composer, from gospel singer to composer of world music. With her meditative Omine, she goes the whole way as the composer of the galaxies and the cosmos. Beautiful suggestive, strong vocals, Tibetan singing bowls and shell instruments create a background of sound to which I can clear my thoughts. Radio Sisu must excuse me because, for me, it will be Wakame towa, Omine on the car stereo for quite a while ahead. I still understand nothing, but I like it!
(Emma Johansson)

DalaDemokraten, September 8, 2005
With Omine, Malou Berg is following up her success with Hoya and goes on in the same meditative and rhythmic-melodious style. This is music that soars above borders, through space with lyrics that acquire content to please the listener. It is beautiful, swinging and captivating. Malou Berg has the guts to be different and give us something that Bert Karlsson would never dare and something that the Idol Jury would laugh themselves silly over.

Nerikes Allehanda, October 26, 2005
Malou Berg is a singer who has made a long journey through music. In her early days, like so many other artists, she got the chance to sing gospel in the Free Church, and from then on she has continued in many different directions – as cabaret artist, choir leader and TV-actor. She has studied composing with Bengt-Arne Wallin and has during later years attended courses of methodology at the Music Institute. Now she has made her second CD with world music. The first one, Hoya, resulted in successful tours in Japan and now number two, Omine, has been released. With her imaginary language she and the choir perform a meditative musical mix with many rhythms and sounds. I think that this world music is here to stay – in a multi-cultural society it is time to leave the simple-minded Anglo-Saxon pop music, and here Malou Berg is a predecessor.