A Meia To – Ocean! here’s a little preview.. from the coming album MA YEMA

The song A MEIA TO – Ocean, from the coming album  MA YEMA. MA YEMA, to be released this fall (2016), is the fifth album of  The Pleiadian Suite. The element this time is FIRE which makes it a full circle, alla elements are presented. Here’s a little sneak preview for you
Everything is taking a really long time, proceeds slooooowly.. and suddenly moves fast as wind, sweeping like a tornado, with the speed of lightning. Now, finally, everything is fixed and ready, mixed and done. The cover is created (Thank you Katarina DiLeva!) Time to print make CDs. Yep! Ma Yema will be available to buy both in a digital version and as a physical CD.

A Meia To – Ocean video is a result of my collaboration with the videoartist Petra Lindholm.
Videokonstnär Petra Lindholm