The language


Who would have imagined this about a decade ago, that I would invent a new language and even made a number of recordings of tunes in that language? Least of all me! It was like a snowball that only needed a small push in order to start moving, and after that it went on rolling by itself. The Pleiadian snowball very slowly started its own life as I created HOYA, the first part of the Pleiadian Suite.

Has it ever occurred to you that if you talk about the existence of a language, this depends entirely on whether it is used by someone or not. Or if we know whether it was used at the beginning of time. Then it exists. Languages we have never heard about or which are not used, do not exist as far as we know. And this does not mean that they do not exist. The very moment somebody starts using them,they have been given life and now, all of a sudden, they exist.

There I exchanged the Swedish language for sounds that sounded great and were easy and fabulous to sing. When I exchanged understandable words such as ”I want a blue banana” for the incomprehensible “Eyabana Ya eh ah åh”, it never occurred to me how difficult it might become for the members of the choir to learn the texts.

However, thanks to this mental overturn, new and exciting words came into my head. During a meditation, the text of Owaije came to me – and the ball started rolling. It never was my intention to give birth to a new language, I mostly thought it exciting with new sounds and sound combinations. And, lo and behold, I was awarded the ”Word Prize” by the 2009 Word Festival for this language. (Who would have imagined this, at the very beginning of HOYA?). I was just playing.