Berörd (Being Moved)

Malou Berg
  • Artist: Malou Berg
  • Release Date:

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BERÖRD is Malou’s second gospel album. It was recorded live in Högalid Church, Stockholm. After she had released her first gospel album Nu faller ljuset in i mig at CBS, Malou wanted to follow up with a live recording. The record company did not believe in the project, so Malou self-financed the recording of Berörd and released it on her own label. Berörd includes several traditional gospels together with many of Malou’s own, more gentle songs and musical settings.

“How wonderful it is to be moved! To feel intensely in every bone of your body. It is immensely life affirming. These are moments when you feel truly alive! You react, you want to share, you are filled up, you do something because you can’t help it – you become affected, moved.

 This recording communicates that which lightens my heart, weighs me down with grief, makes me laugh and cry, celebrate and despair; and in between offers me peace. My road is winding, bumpy and difficult to navigate, but it’s also wonderful and exhilarating. It’s never boring.

I wish you love and light. Live well!”


About the recording

It tends to be more about technology and less about rhythm and feeling in a studio. This can be damaging in many ways, especially if you are recording a gospel album and want to convey a sense of presence that supports the music all the way. So, in order to add that special gospel feeling we decided to record Berörd live. We chose a church because singing in a church, especially Högalid Church, is amazing. It’s large and spacious, and they have an excellent grand piano.

The recording is based on many years of collaboration between the pianist Steve Dobrogosz and me. The arrangements come out of Steve’s excellence as a pianist, other instruments were added when we felt they were needed. Arrangements and instrumentation depend on what is technically possible and sounds good. For example, we only used light percussion. We tried congas, but it really didn’t work inside the church.

We only had a few days as the church was booked for services, weddings, funerals and christenings, and we couldn’t leave the instruments near the altar. The irritable organist was not happy about us being there, so he would arrive while we were recording, stamping up the stairs and banging doors, so we had to redo some takes. The sacristy where the sound technician worked on his mixing table was small and cramped, there was a lot of ambient noise and there were problems with feedback. But on the whole, it was a wonderful time and a great, inspiring place to make a recording.

Berörd was the first album I released on my new label Crystal Graphic Records, so, financially, it was a gamble. Looking at it afterwards, it all turned out well.

Malou Berg


Malou Berg, lead vocal
Steve Dobrogosz, grand piano
Teddy Walter, contra bass
Per Lindwall, percussion
André Ferrari, percussion
Janne Schaffer, guitar
Kjell Öhman, hammondorgan
Bo Westman, keyboards
Björn J:son Lindh, flute
Vicky Benckert, choir
Lena Byström, choir
Ingmar Collmo, choir
Michael Kleimert, choir
Kjell Segebrant, choir
Monica Svensson, choir
Nacka Sångensemble
Steve Dobrogosz Vocal Ensemble
Producer: Bo Westman
Sound Technician in Högalid Church:
Erik Olhester, Pontus Olsson and Gert Palmqrantz.
Mixad av Erik Olhester i Sonet Studio, Bromma.

Recorded live in Högalid Church, Stockholm in April 1988.
Released by Crystal Graphic Records autumn 1988.


“Dynamic and free from clichés.”
“Not only is she a strong and passionate singer, she can write songs that feel fresh within the genre.”

Västernorrlands Allehanda
“The songs have a mighty groove when Malou releases her vocal powers.”

“A wonderfully uplifting experience.!”
“A real hit”

Västernorrlands Allehanda
“One moment it’s soft and gentle, the next it’s magnificent and unsettling.”
“Her delicate hymns are like balm for the soul. They caress the senses and fold themselves around your heart like cotton wool. This is sacred songs at their best.