AmaOna Mia Lead Me Home – Star Rating: 5 in The UK Songwriting Contest 2023!!

And here is another one! Good news indeed! 

AmaOna Mia Lead Me Home“, received Star rating 5 (Highest score. Yay!!) in The UK Songwriting Contest 2023
Rating the songs range from 1 to 5
1 = really low quality.  5 = top notch!
I am honoured, happy and grateful that the jury has recognised us as songwriters.

This song is a collaboration (one of many songs!) with a dear friend of mine:  Susanne Wigforss
We know each other since more than 40 years. Wow.. time flies doesn’t it. We started out by writing quite a few gospel songs. (and many of them were awarded) during the 1980-90. Jag composed the music and Susanne created wonderful, moving lyrics that touched my heart and soul.. Our collaboration was (and still is) a joyful, inspiring and creative one. And so is our friendship! What a gift that is.

Some years later..  oops.. “some years”..?!? .. eeh..  I just realised that it was more like 20 years later. I had released the first 2 albums in my Pleiadian Suite, where every album focused on an element: HOYA (Earth) and OMINE (Heaven). At that point Water came along, a third element. A bunch of songs appeared at my doorstep and I had an idea.. why not combine my Pleiadian (that no one understood) with English (that everyone do)? Susanne liked my idea, going back and forth between the two languages was fun, playful and inspiring. We collaborated on all the songs that later ended up on the album AMAONA (Water). One of the songs of that album was AmaOna Mia Lead Me Home. <– are you curious of the song, click on the title to hear it.

When I was uploading  ANOWA (from the coming album LightSongs Box) to The UK Songwriting Contest,   AmaOna Mia Lead Me Home popped up in my head. And refused to let go. Not until Susanne and I had talked about it and agreed on submitting this song too to the contest .And so far it has worked out fine. AmaOna Mia Lead Me Home has received the highest score. Star Rating 5. Wooohooooo !! Thanks to that the song continue to step 2. In step 2 the jury choose by all the songs receiving Star Rating 5.. which songs will continue to the semifinal. The story continues …

This is not the first time I am participating in  THE UK SONGWRITING CONTEST.
I won my category in 2006, but more about that later ..

2023 UK Songwriting Contest Star rating ANOWA and AMAONA MIA LEAD ME HOME

2023 UK Songwriting Contest Star rating ANOWA and AMAONA MIA LEAD ME HOMEBackground info

Step 1. Songs submitted to the UK Songwriting Contest 2023, will be rated by the jury. Rating the songs range from 1 to 5 (1 = really low quality, up to 5. top notch!)
Step 2. The jury listen through all the songs that received Star rate 5 and pick the ones that will continue to the semifinals.
Contestants will be notified which songs are chosen for the semifinals in the beginning of july.

P.S. If you have a song you would love to submit to this contest, I am happy to tell you that entries are still accepted. The contest is open until June, 30 2023. So you’ve got time. You can participate. To get to the contest page Click here. Go for it! Good luck.