MA YEMA #04 the reprint.. in honour of Sune Selander

I decided to do a reprint of the MA YEMA album as the colours were not matching the original design. The first print was blurry and dark and the warm notes just weren’t there. Instead of a cascade of colours, different shades of fire, it looked more like ashes.And I did this reprint in honour and memory of SUNE SELANDER, who passed away this fall 2016.
Sune designed all my albums in The Pleiadian Suite: HOYA, OMINE, AMAONA, ALIGNMENT, BREATHE OUT.
Sune was a highly acclaimed art director, and in every design, he performed with great skill, knowledge and tremendous experience. When I was shouting for more & can’t me make it bigger?!, Sune whispered: less is more Malou. And we usually ended up somewhere in the middle.. Sune was very elegant in his style and detail oriented in everything he did. He left nothing to chance. He designed all my PR-material for the last 20 years or so.. He was also a dear friend and supported me in all my musical endeavors.

Sune was supposed to design the MA YEMA album. He picked the photos for MA YEMA, he and I discussed back and forth before we agreed on the cover photo. And he showed me how he visioned the design to be.

But he never got the chance to finish what he started, as he became terminally ill and couldn’t continue working. And not long after that he passed away. Sune has been a part of my music life for so many years and it feels empty not having him around anymore. I miss him dearly.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he is playing piano with the angels, playing for the sheer fun of it, enjoying himself.

Katarina Di Leva designed the MA YEMA album,
carrying out Sunes ideas.

And now the reprint has arrived, the colours looks like they were planned and designed to look. I am so happy for that.

And MA YEMA is finally properly dressed to enter the world.

And all is well 🙂

love & peace.. and a little giggling as well
and of course… some chocolate for you Sune!
your friend


The music is: I ANO (Expansion) from Ma Yema – you can listen to it here

Read more about MA YEMA – here
And The Pleiadian Suitehere


Read more about MA YEMA – here
And The Pleiadian Suitehere

MA YEMA is the concluding album, focusing on the elements, in Malou Bergs The Pleiadian Suite; HOYA (Earth, Body) OMINE (Heaven/Air, Soul), AMAONA (Water, Feelings), ALIGNMENT (Ether, Intuition) and MA YEMA (Fire, Energy). Besides that there is BREATHE OUT (Christmas album, a compilation. Yay!!)

All songs on MA YEMA, except ”Sola Me”, were created by Xavier Desandre Navarre, Thomas Hellsten and Malou Berg in the moment, as they were recorded.

“We started from nothing.
We had no structure,
no form,
no chord changes,
no melody,
no lyrics
no initial idea.
We had nothing at all, to hold on to.
Together we stepped into the unknown, unsure
following the flow,
embracing the notes that arrived
the waves of musical lines
the rhythms that came.. and went
the melodies, the lyrics.
We followed the flow.
And these songs were born.”

Malou Berg, Lead vocal, vocals
Xavier Desandre Navarre, Bowls, percussion
Thomas Hellsten, Keyboards, grand piano
Lars Nilsson, Flugel Horn, Vocals
Sweden Music Session, Strings
Tormod Tvete Vik, Director
Hanna Wanngård, Vocals
Therese Andersson, Vocals
Jenny Nilsson, Vocals
Katarina Milton Almgren, Vocals
Karin Celander, Vocals
Johan Ivarsson, Vocals
Edo Bumba, guest percussion on A Meia To (Ocean) and OmaO (Earth)
Music: Malou Berg/Xavier Desandre Navarre/Thomas Hellsten
Lyrics: Malou Berg
* The song Sola Me, music & lyrics by Malou Berg
Vocal Arrangements: Malou Berg
String & Harp arrangements: Tormod Tvete Vik
Production: Malou Mountain Music AB
Publisher: Malou Mountain Music AB/Stiggy Music AB

MA YEMA album released Oct, 21 2016
by Nilento Records
Distributed by Naxos

Recorded in Sweden 2012 at Nilento studio, Gothenburg
Sound engineer: Lars Nilsson
Assisting sound engineer: Michael Dahlvid
Edited, mixed and Mastered 2015: Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studio

Photos: Elisabeth Landberger
Graphic Design: Katarina Di Leva

Video full lenght, to A MEIA TO (Ocean) by Petra Lindholm
Video full length, to WATER by Maria L Hallengren

VIDEO-snippet, a series of six short videoclips, one for each song, created by Jack McGuinness

C & P 2016 Malou Mountain Music AB
All Rights Reserved

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Love & Joy

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