Singing at the Peace concert in South Korea 2009

I was invited to sing i South Kora 2009. Going to South Korea was a wonderful experience for me. A trip into quite a different kind of world. The people taking care of me and looking out for me during my stay, were very kind and considerate. My record company in South Korea insisted on sending a guide with me to HwaEom, as no one outside Seoul spoke english, not even the slightest.. besides common phrases like “good morning” “have a nice day” “thank you” they could say it and it sounded good, but if I replied, they didn’t understand a word that I was saying. I didn’t believe that to be true at first, but it surely was. And Min, the guide, really made all the difference 🙂

Fantastic musicians!, really skillful and talented, with all their South Korean, ancient and beautifully hand carved instruments. I was amazed as the choir even took on “Frid” with Swedish lyrics and were able to carry it out without any flaws. They all impressed on me.

And the monastery where the peace festival was held, “HwaEom Spiritual Music Ritual” was tranquil, serene and peaceful in a very silent way.

I was truly blessed to have been invited as their head act 2009.
Blessed and happy and grateful.

and just the other day I thought about the whole trip, and all I experienced during it and how I would love to go back, how wonderful it would be to sing once again in South Korea.

Joy Joy Joy!

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